Hakaya Studio




Hakaya Technologies  - founded in early 2002 - is a leading innovator of software technologies and services that include Targeted Modeling, Code Generation and Rapid Application Development Tools. Our suite of products offers advantages in terms of cost, speed, and eases of use that building complex applications is no longer a daunting task

Driven by the constant commitment to satisfy our clients, we opted to providing high-value, innovative, user-friendly products and prompt high-quality services. Using our innovative technologies, our customers are poised for new levels of competitive advantage. They can always build better software faster, thus, maximizing their ROI. That is the added-value Hakaya Technologies offers.

Hakaya Studio
, our flagship product, is a unique suite of software development productivity tools that speeds the delivery of reliable, high-performance applications and components. It does so by automating the generation of high quality source code from visual models. These code generators are known as software factories. The Studio provides an integrated development environment for modeling, building, and running software factories. It supports different programming technologies such as .NET, Java and open source languages and a multitude of platforms such as desktop, web and PDA. It utilizes powerful concept modeling techniques to help developers understand how their code performs before an application is deployed. This helps companies decrease time-to-market, reduce development costs and increase developer productivity while ensuring the development of high-quality applications.