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Written by Hakaya Studio Web Admin   
Wednesday, 06 January 2010 21:24

So, how does the Hakaya Studio benefit OEM partners?
It really depends on the type of business that the OEM partner is engaged with. The Studio can support a variety of applications ranging from Integrated Development Environments (IDE) to ERPs. The one variable in the support process is how the integration is accomplished between the studio and the different applications.

Packaging the Studio with OEM applications introduces a number of benefits for OEM partners:

  • It provides them with a competitive edge.
    • By giving customers the ability to “configure” applications via visual models provides the OEM partner with significant advantages over competition which doesn’t usually provide such capabilities. This constitutes a good selling point.
    • Changes to applications by the OEM partner can be accomplished faster and cheaper.
    • Several applications could be developed from a single software factory.
    • The same application could be generated in multiple programming languages with the click of a button. Thus, serving the needs of customers with different technologies in an efficient and speedy manner.
  • It opens the path for new revenue streams.
    • An OEM partner could engage in building and selling software factories. Since the development effort can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost utilizing already developed factories, the partner can enter new markets within his domain of interest.
    • The same application could be generated for multiple platforms (Desktop, Web, PDA) with one click. The ease of supporting multiple platforms enables the OEM partner to enter new markets.

As an example, consider an OEM partner that is involved in the development of specialized tools for software development. A Standard package would involve a text editor, compiler, debugger, and some specialized libraries,


Figure 2: Typical Integrated Development Environment (IDE)


Integrating the Hakaya Studio with a standard IDE package enables:

  • The automation of repetitive, error-prone tasks associated with software development
  • The replacement of hand-written code with consistently reliable and scalable generated code
  • The extension of developed applications to other technologies and platforms via the click of a button



Figure 3 describes how the integration between the Hakaya Studio and a typical IDE could be accomplished:




Figure 3: Integrating the Hakaya Studio with a typical IDE





Another opportunity for the integration of the Hakaya Studio involves ERP applications. Figurer 4 describes the integration process.




Figure 4: Integrating the Hakaya Studio with ERP applications





In this example, an ERP partner designs and develops the ERP application utilizing the Hakaya Studio. The Studio and the ERP visual model can then be shipped along with the application. Doing so enables customers to implement simple modifications to further customize the ERP product to fit their exact needs.


Even though only two examples of possible partnerships have been provided in this document, other possibilities do exist. Such possibilities can be discussed when the need arises.